Always Say Less Than Necessary

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Always Say Less Than Necessary

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In 1825, a new czar, Nicholas I, ascended the  throne of Russia. A rebellion immediately broke out, led by liberals demanding that the country be modernize - that its industries and civil structures catch up with the rest of Europe. Brutally crushing the rebellion, Nicholas I sentenced one of its leaders, Kondraty Ryleyev , to death. on the day of execution Ryleyev stood on the gallows, the noose around his neck. The Trapdoor opened - but as Ryleyev dangled, the rope broke, dashing him to the ground. At the time, events like this were considered signs of providence or heavenly will, and a man saved from his execution this way was usually pardoned. As Ryleyev got to his feet, bruised and dirtied but believing his neck had been save, he called out the crowd, "You see, in Russia they don't know how to do anything properly, not even how to make rope!"
A Messenger immediately went to the winter palace with the news of the failed hanging. Vexed by this disappointing turnabout, Nicholas I nevertheless began to sign the pardon. But then "Did Ryleyev say anything after Miracle?" the czar asked the messenger. "Sire," the messenger replied "he said that in Russia they don't even know how to make rope."
In that case," said Czar, "let us prove the contrary," and he tore the pardon. The next day Ryleyev was hanged again. This time the rope did not break

Moral Lesson: Once the words are out, you cannot take them back. keep them under control. Be particularly careful with sarcasm: The momentary satisfaction you gain with your biting words will be out weighed by the price you pay
Clued 48 Laws of Power (Law 4)


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